Customer Care

Lights On Banks has a dedicated sales and customer service department available to assist with all your lighting needs. Call (250) 448-4808 today.


At Lights On Banks, we try to make the return process as easy as possible. If you are returning a special ordered product, please see “Special Orders” below. If you are returning an in-stock product that was purchased in-store, please note:
  • All returns must be made within 30 days of pick-up or delivery.
  • The return must have all its components and in their original lengths (wire and chain) and must be in a sellable condition, as new, to qualify for a for an immediate full refund.
  • If the wires are cut, chain shortened, etc., then we will examine the product for what it would take for restoration to original condition, making it suitable for resale. If we accept it, it will be subject to a restocking and restoration fee.
  • If the return is due to warranty issues, then it must be returned within the warranty period and the product must have been registered through the manufacturer’s warranty registration process. We will look after any return of the product to the manufacturer if accepted for return by the manufacturer.

Special Order Products

If you have ordered product that is not normally carried in the store, then they are considered special order. These products are subject to the following:
  • The sale is considered a “final sale” which means it is not subject to the normal return policies.
  • It requires that the full expected price of the product is collected at the time of ordering.
  • Once the product is shipped, the order cannot be changed or stopped.
  • All warranties apply as usual.
  • Returns will only be allowed with the store manager’s approval.

Call us for details, or to place a Special Order: (250) 448-4808


All lighting and accessories sold by Lights On Banks carry a full warranty from the manufacturer, activated at the date of the purchase.

We encourage you to complete all warranty forms found in the product packaging. If you have a warranty issue, feel free to contact the store for help. In most cases, warranty issues can be resolved through our local resources. If the product must be returned to the manufacturer, we can assist you by arranging the return.

Report a Defective Product

Sometimes, products arrive to your home defective. We understand this is a disappointing realization, especially if you’ve been awaiting your lighting for some time.
If you open up the box and encounter a defective product, please fill out the form and our team will be notified immediately. Please allow up to 3 business days for our team to contact to you.

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